June issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter

From: Peter Suber <peters_at_EARLHAM.EDU>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 14:04:32 -0400

* Announcement (cross-posted) *

I just mailed the June issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter. This
issue takes a close look at the calculations purporting to show that
high-output research universities would pay more in author-side fees for OA
journals than they pay now in subscriptions for non-OA journals. It also
takes a close look at Elsevier's new hybrid journals and the first month of
news since the FRPAA was introduced into the US Senate. The Top Stories
section takes a brief look at the OA bill before the German Parliament, the
national-level OA policies adopted or under consideration in Australia,
Finland, Sweden, and South Africa, the OA mandate at India's National
Institute of Technology, the OA recommendation at Humbolt University
Berlin, the launch of new repositories at a handful of institutions around
the world, and Gunther Eysenbach's new study confirming the existence of an
OA impact advantage.

June issue

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