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On 6/27/06 9:48 PM, "Stevan Harnad" <> wrote:

> Multiple author surveys --=20
> international and multisciplinary -- as well as repeated=20
> experience with actual mandates have shown that there will be=20
> very high rates of compliance.


The NIH had about 4% compliance with its request for voluntary deposit in

The 2005 CIBER author survey concludes, "At the moment, relatively few
researchers are familiar with the concept of institutional
repositories...such evidence as we have suggests that--at the population
level--there is no great interest or drive from the author community for
this model." (page 43)

Even the Swam paper you cite doesn't suggest high levels of awareness of
interest in OA. A slight majority had not placed a paper in an IR, and about
three quarters of these didn't even know about repositories.

What all the evidence does suggest is that most authors would comply,
sometimes grudgingly, with IR deposit if forced to, much as they would
comply with the need to pay taxes or get a wisdom tooth extracted.

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