difference between repository and depository

From: Sawsan Habre <swhabre_at_LAU.EDU.LB>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 07:32:53 +0300

I was discussing with a collegue about the difference between
institutional repository and institutional depository,we are a little bit
confused,can anybody help us by giving us references related to this
Can a university have an institutional repository plus an institutional
depository? or is it the same thing?we are thinking that in the
institutional repository faculty ,students,researchers of the university
can deposit or have to deposit their works,research,articles....
But in an institutional depository(connected to a university) we can have
reports,studies,articles produced by institutions,agencies etc.. other
than those produced by the community of the university.
who can help us and give us more information
thank you
sawsan Habre
Serials' librarian
ILL/DDS Librarian
Lebanese American University
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