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From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 11:50:32 +1000

As I read the question, it is rather: Can Eprints/DSpace/et al generate a
pdf file which is the publication list for a named author?

The answer is yes and it should be pretty simple, but I haven't seen the
facility as a turnkey operation in the standard repository. I suspect that
it is in the IRRA add-on module for Eprints and DSpace. Post the question on
the relevant software discussion list.

The key problem to watch for is if the author enters his or her name
differently in the repository (eg Alan Other, A.Other, A.N.Other), or if (as
in my university) you have 10 or so people named Robert White (or other
common names).

We generate the results of searches on the repository for web pages however.

Arthur Sale

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> Best Practice"
> > A common query I get from my researchers when asked to deposit their
> > bibliographic data in our information system is if they can simply
upload a
> > Word file or PDF file of their publication lists. I do not imagine you
> > created (or know of) a program to accomplish this? I would very much
like to
> > see an example of a solution to this issue.
> Of course, when hand-depositing the metadata into GNU EPrints, the file
> the text itself can be uploaded from an existing URL.
> But perhaps what you are asking is whether the entire deposit can be
> automated, without hand-deposit, by bulk-importing from an online
> list?
> In principle, yes, as long as the essential metadata (authors, title,
> journalname, date) are also provided for each item, as offline data
> supplied to the bulk importer. (It is also possible to export from EPrints
> to generate a CV or publication list.) The correct and full answer can
> be provided by the EPrints technical list:
> Stevan Harnad
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