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(Thanks to Jennifer Heffelfinger, Alliance for Taxpayer Access for drawing this article to my attention)

Excerpts from:

    Rallying Behind Open Access
    Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed

"If universities pay the salaries of researchers and provide them with
labs, and the federal government provides those researchers with
grants for their studies, why should those same universities feel
they can't afford to have access to research findings?

"That's part of the argument behind a push by some in Congress to make
such findings widely available at no charge. The Federal Public
Research Access Act
would require federal agencies to publish their findings, online and
free, within six months of their publication...

"...the provosts of 25 top universities are jointly releasing an open
letter that strongly backs the bill and encourages higher education to
prepare for a new way of disseminating research findings. 'Widespread
public dissemination levels the economic playing field for researchers
outside of well- funded universities and research centers and creates
more opportunities for innovation. Ease of access and discovery also
encourages use by scholars outside traditional disciplinary communities,
thus encouraging imaginative and productive scholarly convergence,'
the provosts write...

"The letter originated with the provosts of the Committee on
Institutional Cooperation, which includes the universities of the Big
Ten Conference plus the University of Chicago. Others joining the effort
include the provosts of such institutions as Dartmouth College, Harvard
University, Texas A&M University, the University of California, the
University of Rochester, Vanderbilt University, and Washington
University in St. Louis..."

Stevan Harnad

UNIVERSITIES: If you have adopted or plan to adopt an institutional
policy of providing Open Access to your own research article output,
please describe your policy at:

    BOAI-1 ("green"): Publish your article in a suitable toll-access journal
    BOAI-2 ("gold"): Publish your article in a open-access journal if/when
            a suitable one exists.
    in BOTH cases self-archive a supplementary version of your article
            in your institutional repository.
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