Re: Forthcoming OA Developments in France

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 02:36:30 +0100

On Sun, 20 Aug 2006, Armel Le Bail wrote:

> I am more interested in the percentage of documents published
> in these 94% green journals which appear also in repositories...
> How many? 5%? Less?

The spontaneous self-archiving rate varies from field to field, varying from
< 5% to >25%, with the median about 15%.

But why on earth would one be more interested in the percentage of papers that
are self-archived *spontaneously* rather than in the percentage that are
self-archived when there is a self-archiving mandate (> 90%)?

> Concerning a repository of supplementary materials (crystal
> structures atomic coordinates), I can tell you : less than 0.001%
> are voluntarily deposited inside of the COD (Crystallography
> Open Database) by crystallographers since 3 years... The
> same crystallographers deposit "voluntarily" their data inside
> of a commercial database (CSD = Cambridge Structural
> Database) for closely 50% of them. Why ? Because the
> journals recommend to do so. Since years, this has
> become a kind of tradition. We (at COD) asked to journals
> that they add in their recommendations to authors to send
> their supplementary materials not only to the CSD but also
> to the COD. We failed... The only chance now is that
> employers of public researchers officially recommend to
> do so.

But you have answered your own question! And it is the same answer as
for journal articles: It is the researchers' own employing institutions
and funders who need to mandate the self-archiving of all research
papers published by their researchers, in the institution's own IR;
and it is likewise they who need to "recommend" that their employees and
fundees do likewise with their data (and with their preprint drafts too,
where appropriate).

> I am a CNRS researcher in France still waiting for
> such a clear recommendation...
> So, what are we doing wrong in your opinion ?

Vide supra...

Stevan Harnad

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> >(1) 94% of journals are green.
> >
> >
> >(2) For papers in the remaining 6%, their full-text and metadata can be
> >immediately deposited in the IR anyway, but with access to the full-text
> >set to Closed Access instead of Open Access. The EPrints semi-automatic
> >"email eprint" button allows the author to email to individual
> >eprint-requesters with one keystroke.
> >
> >
> >(3) Yes, research institutions and research funders can and should (and
> >will) mandate the self-archiving of 100% of their published paper output.
> >
> >
> >
> >Stevan Harnad
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