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Thanks for your comments.

What is ARL?

"ARL is a nonprofit organization of 123 research libraries
at comprehensive, research-extensive institutions in the US
and Canada that share similar research missions,
aspirations, and achievements. It is an important and
distinctive association because of its membership and the
nature of the institutions represented. ARL member libraries
make up a large portion of the academic and research library
marketplace, spending more than one billion dollars every
year on library materials."

What libraries are in ARL?

The survey was restricted to ARL members, 71% of whom responded.

How was an IR defined in the survey?

"For the purposes of this survey an IR is simply defined as a
permanent, institution-wide repository of diverse locally
produced digital works (e.g., article preprints and
postprints, data sets, electronic theses and dissertations,
learning objects, technical reports, etc.) that is available
for public use and supports metadata harvesting. If an
institution shares an IR with other institutions, it is
within the scope of this survey. Not included in this
definition are scholars' personal Web sites; academic
department, school, or other unit digital archives that are
primarily intended to store digital materials created by
members of that unit; or disciplinary archives that include
digital materials about one or multiple subjects that have
been created by authors from many different institutions

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