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Two of the library's hourly staff joined me in processing, as time
permits, the "low-hanging fruit" described in my recent viewpoint column
in Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship.

George S. Porter, Let's Get it Started! Issues in Science and
Technology Librarianship, Summer 2006.

The other key event, reflected in the graphic, is a May 2005 decision to
personally begin harvesting and processing said "low-hanging fruit",
rather than waiting for faculty to volunteer administrative staff for


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> Lest anyone think that, to use the Texas idiom, I'm "all hat, no 
> cattle"
> I'd like to point out that CaltechAUTHORS
> <> has surpassed the 4000 record
> mark.

The deposit history for CaltechAUTHORS is graphed in ROAR (included 
below, if it makes it through the AMSCI mailing software, otherwise 
use the URL).
The graph shows a clear acceleration in deposit rates in December 
2005 - from about 150/month to 400/month. The repository has 
quadrupled in size in that time.

What happened at Caltech that caused such a change in deposit rates?
Les Carr
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