Re: Open Choice is a Trojan Horse for Open Access Mandates

From: Velterop, Jan Springer UK <Jan.Velterop_at_SPRINGER.COM>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 17:23:42 +0200

Stevan Harnad asks:
> Why should funders pay a penny more now, when all
> publication costs are still being paid out of institutional
> subscriptions?

And who funds the institutions to pay for subscriptions? The very same
funders! They are paying right now. All I'm suggesting is that they use
their money to support open access publishing directly. More money? The
same money. No new or extra money.

> (Jan, your arguments are awfully familiar, and they sound
> very much like those of the non-OA publisher lobby that has
> been opposing the OA self-archiving mandates...)

Maybe it's time you read my comments more carefully.

Jan Velterop
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