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Research communication costs in Australia: Emerging opportunities and benefits

The full report including appendices is available for download:

This report to DEST was prepared by the Centre for Strategic Economic
Studies, Victoria University. Released in September 2006, it explores
the costs involved in research communication activities and some of
the potential benefits available through emerging, more open, scholarly
communication alternatives.

The environment in which research is being conducted and disseminated
is undergoing profound change, with new technologies offering new
opportunities, changing research practices demanding new capabilities,
and increased focus on research performance. This changing environment
raises a key question: are there new opportunities and new models of
scholarly communication that could enhance the dissemination of research
findings and, thereby, maximise the economic and social returns to public
sector investment in R&D? This study makes a significant contribution
towards helping us answer this question.

The study draws on international and local experience to provide a
preliminary cost-benefit analysis of existing and emerging alternatives
for scholarly communication for institutions in Australia and for
Australia as a whole. Its focus is on:

* The underlying economics of scholarly publication, distribution
    and access;

* Understanding the various emerging alternative models for
    publication and access; and

* Exploring the costs, benefits and implications for Australia at
    both the national and institutional levels.

The examination of the total costs of the process of research creation,
dissemination and access also provides an opportunity for a wider analysis
of funding and budget issues in scholarly communication at institutional
and national levels.
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