France's HAL, OAI interoperability, and Central vs Institutional Repositories

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 13:14:55 +0100

    Franck Laloe: "HAL is not a harvester, and I hope it will never
    become one. What is envisaged to actively couple the databases
    (Prodinra, for example, once it exists) is a more modern "Webservices
    (API) kind of technique, like the one currently used with the
    Digital Working Environment (DWI, ENT) Portal of the universities."

It seems a pity if HAL, France's national repository, does not elect
to benefit from the OAI metadata-harvesting protocol that makes all
the distributed OAI-compliant repositories around the world equivalent
and interoperable. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding and Franck could
explain more explicitly how all of France's research output -- from all
the distributes national research institutes CNRS, INRA, INRIA etc., as
well as from all the indiviual French universities -- will be integrated
into HAL (and from there into the worldwide network of OAI-compliant OA
repositories)? On the face of it, distributed Institutional Repositories
(IRs), all OAI-compliant, hence interoperable, would seem to be the
natural way, but perhaps Franck can clarify this question?

Stevan Harnad

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006, hbosc wrote:

> Franck Laloe, the "father of Hal", who is also a member of EuroscienceOA
> has reacted to my message concerning the "harvesting ability " of
> Hal that I have recently mentioned for collecting documents from
> our Institutional Repository Prodinra.
> Sorry for this mistake.
> I copy an extract of his message, in french and I leave specialists
> and I hope Franck himself, to explain the way of "coupling" the different
> repositories in using API.
> F.L. :..."Hal n'est pas un moissoneur et ne le
> deviendra jamais je l'espère. Ce qui est envisagé
> pour coupler activement les bases (Prodinra par
> exemple, quand il existera) est une technique
> plus moderne du type "webservices" (API), comme
> d'ailleurs pour le couplage en cours avec les ENT des universités."
> Hélène Bosc
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