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From: Gareth Knight <gareth.knight_at_AHDS.AC.UK>
Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 09:43:43 +0100

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Dear repository manager/project officer,

I am conducting a study for JISC on automated metadata generation and I
would be grateful if you would please answer a few questions about the
creation of metadata at your repository. The aim is to identify areas for
research that may yield useful tools for automatically generating
descriptive metadata.

Please would all UK repositories complete this survey regardless of whether
use any such techniques.

Please email your reply to:
By 20 October 2006.

1) How is discovery metadata currently created for your repository? (e.g. by
the depositor, by repository staff, by depositor and repository staff,
auomatically by software tools, all of the above)

2) Does you repository generate any resource discovery metadata in an
automated way? If so, please name the software that is used for this
purpose. (e.g. DC-dot, Infomine's iVia, Open Text Summarizer, in-house
tools, etc.)

3) Which data formats do you derive metadata from in this automated way?
(e.g. MS Word, pdf, html, jpeg, etc.)

4) What metadata standard(s) does your repository use (e.g. Dublin Core,
qualified Dublin Core, RLLOMAP, DDI, MODS, etc.)

5) Which elements/fields of that standard do you populate automatically?
(e.g. Title, Creator, Subject, lastModified, etc.)

6) At which stage of your repitory's workflow is the metadata generated?
(e.g. generated by repository software during the deposit process; generated
by repository software after acceptance into repository; generated by third
party tools executed by repository staff, etc.)

7) Please comment on the suitability of the output and identify the areas
for which you would most like new tools.

Thank you for your help,

Malcolm Polfreman

Malcolm Polfreman
Information Officer
Arts & Humanities Data Service (AHDS)
King's College London
26 - 29 Drury Lane
Tel: 0207 848 1985
Fax: 0207 848 1989
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