Re: Access to Self-Archived Research via Google Scholar

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 13:23:20 +0100

Donat Agosti writes that Google Scholar picks up the (non-OA) journal
version of his article
but not the OA version self-archived in ZORA, the University of Zurich's
excellent new (mandated!) Institutional Repository (IR):

Google Scholar will catch up, and will cover all IRs soon enough. (For some silly
and arbitrary reason, google selectively covers only some IRs right now!)

Meanwhile OAIster covers all registered OAI IRs
and the exact same search you tried on Google Scholar immediately retrieves
the OA version of your paper on OAIster:;page=simple

If you want ZORA covered on Google Scholar, you need to write to:

But neither Google Scholar nor OAIster can come into their own until
enough researchers (like you) self-archive their articles (as you did,
in ZORA).

And, as Arthur Sale has just shown, in his article in First Monday,
enough researchers will not self-archive until their institutions and
funders mandate that they self-archive -- as University of Zurich plus
11 other institutions, including CERN, and 6 funders -- have already done.

Stevan Harnad

On Sat, 21 Oct 2006, Donat Agosti wrote:

> What would it need that self [archived papers should] be indexed by
> google scholar, so that those articles could be found
> search for example for
> "viaticus was tridecane"
> Then you end up in this paper
> arch
> It is it the original paper, which is copyrighted, and there is not hint
> that the paper is actually also on ZORA open access.
> full+item+record
> Ideally, it should show up, since then it would be more often used
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