Re: Paragraph-Based Quotation in Place of PDF/Page-Based

Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 18:51:35 +0100

Maybe one would have to use double references as when referring to a page
in a PDF file, where one often states both the PDF's page number and the
page number of the physical document that has been scanned. I don't think
that would necessarily be a bad thing as long as a standard is set for
how it is to be done. We already have a system for stating first edition
and used edition of a book. Clarity and usability are keywords here.

BTW, was paragraph reference (and also exact reference on word-level) not
one of the features of Ted Nelson's original concept of hypertext?

Karl-Erik Tallmo

  KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, artist and journalist.
  Contributor to Nordic dailies and magazines for the last 25
  years. Tallmo has written six books. He has participated as
  an expert in governmental investigations on new media and been
  a member of advisory boards, e.g. at the Royal Library, the
  Swedish IT Commission, and the Swedish Research Council.
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