DEADLINE EXTENDED EPrints User Group meeting (OR07)

From: Leslie Carr <>
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 15:47:07 +0000

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The deadline for EPrints-specific presentations, posters, panels and
discussions at Open Repositories 2007 has been extended to WEDNESDAY
15th November.
EPrints v3 will be formally launched during this User Group Meeting.
Les Carr
EPrints Technical Director
You are invited to participate in an EPrints User Group meeting at  
the Open Repositories conference (San Antonio, January 2007) at which  
EPrints v3.0 will be formally launched. A wide range of potential  
themes and topics (technical and managerial) is suggested below.  
Proposals for presntations, panels and discussions are invited for  
submission by ** Wednesday, November 15 **.
For full details, including submission instructions, see http://
EPrints has a reputation for ease of building a repository, whilst  
maintaining enough flexibility to be adaptable to many different  
requirements ^ scientific data repositories, image collections,  
teaching and learning repositories as well as Open Access peer- 
reviewed research publications. These isues are reflected in the  
themes that we suggest covering:
Embedding EPrints within an Institution
- Interoperability between EPrints and Other Systems
- Portals
- Management Information Systems
- Research Assessment Procedures
- Realistic Costings: how many people does it take to run an EPrints  
- Policy Development and Enforcment
Marketing Your Organisation and Its Research
- Branding Your Repository
- Tracking Article Usage (e.g. Google Analytics)
- Co-ordinating Deposits with Press Releases
Practical Experiences and War Stories
- Content Growth: how to stimulate regular deposits
- Gaining Support from Faculty and Senior Management
- Mandates and Recommendations: what works where?
- Best Practice and Otherwise
- Repository Management
- Optimizing Workflows
- Versioning
- Keeping Data and Metadata Fresh and Relevant
- Implementing Achievable Preservation Policies
- Technical Solutions for De-duplication, Metadata Improvement and  
other Information Updates
Critical Success Factors: what makes a good repository
- Diversifying your EPrints Repository
- Extending the EPrints biodiversity: image collections, theses, data  
collections, e-portfolios, teaching/learning collections
- Managing diversification
Technical Issues and Enhancements
- Web 2.0: Social Tagging and Social Networking?
- Better User Interfaces and Improved User Experience
- Repository Architectures
- Your Improvements and Your Wish List for future features
- NB: EPrints Version 3 will be launched on the second day of the  
The above themes are not exhaustive - presentations on other issues  
relevant to EPrints users are welcomed
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