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From: Leslie Carr <>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 10:50:11 +0000

Particular congratulations to U Zurich for first concentrating on
providing Open Access to postprints in their repository!

Les Carr
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> Subject: Press release: Zurich Open Repository and Archive goes
> live using
>     Open Repository service
> Press release: 27 November 2006
> Zurich Open Repository and Archive goes live using Open Repository
> service
> University of Zurich has launched ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and
> Archive) using BioMed Central's Open Repository service. ZORA is
> freely available online at The University of
> Zurich is the largest university in Switzerland. Over 4000 staff
> and 24,000 students work across 160 institutes, departments and
> clinics.
> Open access repositories are fast becoming a must-have for
> institutions, allowing staff and students to share research
> findings effectively. The global directory of academic open access
> repositories, OpenDOAR, launched last month with over 800 entries.
> Institutional open access repositories also allow researchers to
> meet the conditions of funding bodies with an open access mandate.
> Six research funders now mandate open access to work they have
> funded, and many more mandates are under consideration. The
> University of Zurich also has an open access near-mandate,
> expecting that researchers deposit a copy of all their published
> and refereed articles in ZORA, subject to copyright restrictions.
> The university is the sixth institution to launch a repository
> using BioMed Central's Open Repository service. Open Repository
> provides institutions with a hassle-free hosted solution to get
> repositories up and running quickly. The service adds unique, value-
> added features to the open-source DSpace technology platform.
> Zurich, like all other customers, maintains complete administrative
> control over the repository whilst BioMed Central provides ongoing
> hosting services, personalization, backups and technical support.
> Ingeborg Zimmermann, Head of Research Library Irchel and Project
> Manager, explains why Zurich chose BioMed Central's Open Repository
> service,
> "Open Repository allowed for a jump-start of our institutional
> repository, while keeping the mid-term option of moving all content
> to Zurich and running the repository in-house. Being a university
> with a large output in biomedical research, the submission of
> content using PubMed ID and thus enabling automatic metadata
> transfer was a great help in reaching our first goal of 1000
> publications."
> Ingeborg Zimmerman recently shared Zurich's experience of
> outsourcing its repository development to Open Repository at the
> Open Scholarship 2006 meeting in Glasgow.
> Value-added features of the Open Repository in addition to the
> standard DSpace functionality can include a submission form using
> PubMed ID and external linking to Entrez databases. BioMed Central
> can also offer Open Repositories in different (Roman alphabet)
> languages, and customisable submission forms. The service is now W3
> web accessibility compliant A.
> Open Repository offers a Pilot Repository set up scheme, allowing
> customers to have working demo sites personalised to their needs
> for a 3-month, no obligation, free trial.
> ###
> Press contacts:
> Grace Baynes for BioMed Central: or +44 (0)
> 20 7631 9988
> Christian Fuhrer, University of Zurich, Open Access Coordinator,
> Sales Contact:
> For more information about the Open Repository service, or to
> discuss setting up a Pilot Repository, please contact
> Marianne Josserand: or +44 (0) 20 7631 9990
> About Open Repository (
> Open Repository is a service provided by BioMed Central for
> institutions and research organisations. Open Repository offers
> professional help to institutions to quickly and easily build,
> launch, maintain, and populate their own repositories. The service
> has been designed to be flexible and cost-effective. BioMed
> Central's economy of scale makes it possible for institutions that
> could not otherwise afford to, or lack the infrastructure or
> technical capacity in-house, to set up repositories.
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