PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

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Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 09:38:51 -0500

First International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference
Vancouver, July 11-13, 2007

The Public Knowledge Project at the University of British Columbia and
Simon Fraser University is pleased to announce that the first international
PKP conference will be held from July 11^÷13, 2007 in Vancouver. The
conference will provide opportunities for those involved in the
organization, promotion, and study of scholarly communication to share and
discuss innovative work in scholarly publishing, with a focus on the
contribution that open source publishing technologies (such as Open Journal
Systems) can make to improving access to research and scholarship on a
global and public scale. The conference will appeal to all those with an
interest in the future of scholarly publishing community: software
developers and technical support specialists; journal publishers, editors,
and staff; librarians; and researchers in scholarly publishing.

Abstract Deadline (required): January 15, 2007
Paper and PowerPoint Submission (desired but not required for public
posting): July 1, 2007
This conference, which uses Open Conference Systems developed by the Public
Knowledge Project, enables participants to submit abstracts online at

Presentations can include:
^’ Single papers (abstract max of 500 words)
^’ Multiple paper sessions (overview max of 500 words)

Call for Papers Announcement
The conference stream for those involved in the practices and study of
journal publishing will focus on the following themes and topics:
*Scholarly publishing in developing countries;
*Open access and the academy: reforming and opening the peer review
process, implications for academic freedom;
*New journals, new models: the how and why of starting a new journal, new
economic models for old journals, encouraging open data and related
*Promotion and growth: building readership, authorship, and reviewership;
open access is public access - challenges and benefits;
*Improving the features and design of publishing software

The conference stream for librarians and information specialists will focus
on the following themes and topics:
*The role of libraries in supporting and developing emerging or alternate
forms of scholarly communication, e.g., the library as publisher,
implications for collections budgets and policies;
*Incorporating and supporting open access publications as part of current
collections and related services;
*Using PKP software and related open source tools in libraries, e.g., ^”best
practices^‘ or case studies.

The conference stream for open source software developers and other
technical experts working with PKP software will address the following:
*Understanding and working with PKP software and its ^”plug-in^‘ architecture;
*Building a PKP developers^“ community including software contributions and
collaborative projects;
*PKP software development priorities and plans.

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