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In October 2006 the French Universities, Grandes Ecoles, and
research organisations (including CEMAGREF, CIRAD, CNRS, INRA, INRIA,
INSERM,the PASTEUR Institute and IRD) signed a draft agreement on
adopting a common online deposit platform for all French research
publications and scientific writings. This common platform is based on
the CCSD's HAL software.

INRA's Institutional bibliographic database PRODINRA will soon be an Institutional
Repository. It will then able to communicate and feed into HAL
directly.To accompany the implementation of its Institutional Repository
PRODINRA, INRA's Scientific Information Directorate commissioned a study
on self-archiving practice, "Open Archives: Towards A Deposit Mandate?",
by Dominique L'hostis & Pascal Aventurier. The study is a synthesis of
the information on existing implementations, researcher practices and the
role of institutions.

The study  is accessible at  Archivesic :

and at Prodinra : 

A remark:

The PRODINRA database contains 100 000 bibliographic references
(metadata) for publications by INRA researchers, with a growth rate of
5000 per year. If INRA adds to PRODINRA the "EMAIL EPRINT REQUEST" button
(see its explanation in the report) it will make it possible for INRA
users to request and INRA authors to provide immediate free access.

This is not yet Open Access, but for researcher purposes, it is almost as
fast, and almost as effective, during the first year of new published

Hélène Bosc
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