Re: EU Petition for guaranteed public access to publicly-funded research results

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 15:13:38 +0000 (GMT)

On Fri, 19 Jan 2007, Bruno Granier wrote:

> I agree with your idea that the best way to develop OA is to self-archive
> all articles even articles published in OA journals.
> I have deposited in our archive all articles published by our researchers
> in BioMed Central.

This is proxy (mediated) deposit, on behalf of the author, not direct
author deposit (just to clarify).

> The interest is double. The article is more visible and it is also counted
> in the institution production.

And it is more accessible, and it consequently gets more usage and

> All "my" journal publications are available on


> (I can't rely on most authors to post their publications on such
> depositories even if I invite them to do so: believe me I tried).

You have had the same experience as the rest of the research world:
authors will only deposit if/when it is mandated.

> HB: I understand Bruno's worry. He wants that his journal appears as a
> journal and not as articles deposited in different repositories.

I understand too: All authors should be mandated by their institutions
and funders to deposit in their own institutional repository. All other
archives should harvest (by machine) therefrom: no double-deposits
necessary. (I would also say no central archives are necessary, but
that's up to the harvesters...

> Now part of the problem is that I (as an editor or even as an author) lose
> control on the publications THAT IS "IN PARTICULAR" I have no idea of the
> number of times a paper was/will be downloaded from OA depositories though
> I can measure it on "my" "affiliate" servers, THAT IS I am now unable to
> measure directely the impact of a paper in terms of readership (all I can
> access would be an impact factor, but I might have to pay to get these
> numbers and they are not that easy to read).

(1) No form of deposit that you will be able to get all the download
statistics, in a day of proxies, mirrors and caches. But direct deposit
in each author's own IR is the best way to track most of the downloads.

(2) Downloads are correlated with and predict later citations.

(3) Mandate self-archiving, and all texts and their cited references are
OA, they will be citation-linked, as in citebase, and the monopoly of
ISI over access to citation statistics will be over.

> There was a misunderstanding here. I was considering the portal (that are
> 30 journals), not only my journal.
> The PROBLEM is for the portal! The few libraries that link to the portal
> are listed on
> .

It is not libraries who need to link the full-text articles (for free),
it is users. The days of the "portal" are over, with OAI-compliant,
interoperable IRs and harvesters like OAIster and Google Scholar.

Stevan Harnad

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