Re: Stop fighting the inevitable - and free funds for open access!

From: David Prosser <david.prosser_at_BODLEY.OX.AC.UK>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2007 09:40:31 -0000

It's interesting that one of the things the Nature article quotes Eric
Dezenhall, the PR 'pit bull' as saying is that 'if the other side is on the
defensive, it doesn't matter if they can discredit your argument'. Over the
past week Peter has attempted the 'open access advocates are worse' strategy
('They say Pat Schroeder attacks the disabled!') and the 'open access
advocates are mad' strategy (Senator Cornyn has apparently gone 'batty'').

This all to divert attention from the revelation that the best argument
there is against open access appears to be the Orwellian concept that
freeing the literature equals censorship. I'm sure Mr Dezenhall would be

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