Re: Failing business models

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Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2007 09:30:11 -0500

Steve Hitchcok writes:

"Here's another
suggestion: with green OA we will have better publishing, better journals
and a more sustainable subscription publishing system because, referring
back to our last conversation, the loss of exclusivity will force the
subscription journal to focus on other forms of value-added. Is that as
plausible as the assumption that gold is the only alternative? What gives
me pause here to answer my own question is what happens when we have full
OA, because at that point it's hard to envisage subscriptions remaining
major revenue raising approach. Web commerce already suggests services
subscription. But it is still a valid question for now."

I agree fully with this, but would add a point I have already made in the
past. Once journals are green and articles are in repositories that are
well managed by universities or similar trustworthy instiuttions, these
institutions could put their good name behind the version they have in
their repository and declare that it can be cited just as well as the
journal version. Then, the loss of exclusivity will become really obvious
and the move to value-added services will accelerate.

Jean-Claude Guédon
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