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Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2007 14:08:24 -0500

I hope we&#8217;re not the the point of having litmus tests for OA
orthodoxy, whatever that orthodoxy might be, whether &#8220;full and
immediate deposit in repositories without delayed access&#8221; or
&#8220;full and immediate author-pays publishing&#8221; or whatever.

It&#8217;s discouraging and more than a little insulting to those who
believe in free access and have taken risks to accomplish it&#8212;Jan
being only one of many--to be labeled heretics. Sometimes it seems that
this list serve exists more to define doctrinal purity than to evangelize
in support of the cause.

Peter Banks

On 3/4/07 11:46 AM, "Jan Velterop" <openaccess_at_BTINTERNET.COM> wrote:


      This should read:

      So you really do believe, Stevan, that someone who is not in
      favour of self archiving mandates *cannot be* in favour of


      On 4 Mar 2007, at 16:19, Velterop, Jan, Springer UK wrote:


            So you really do believe, Stevan, that someone
            who is not in favour of OA *cannot be* in favour
            of OA.
             No point in discussing further.
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            An Allegory
             Which raises again the question of why you do
            not support mandating the
             OA by mandating self-archiving, now, though you
            purport to advocate OA?
             So, there's the point, again. Will we have a
            response, this time?
             Your weary archivangelist,
             Stevan Harnad

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