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Forwarded from Dr D K Sahu, MedKnow Publications, Mumbai, India

Dear All

We do not get grants from any governmental organizations / trust. At the
same time we do not charge the authors for submission or processing of

For all our journals following are the sources of income

1. Advertisement in print edition
2. Subscription to print
3. Advertisement in online version
4. Reprint sales
5. Membership fee for association
6. Royalty

The proportion of each of these for various journals is variable. E.g. a
journal with smaller print circulation is benefited more from the print
subscriptions compared to a journal with larger circulation which
attracts more number of print advertisements. Few journals (e.g. JPGM, gets as much as 60% of its income from web

Though funding an OA journal in future may be difficult, there are
avenues for increasing revenue (such as online advertisements, reprints)
and cutting cost (paper-less peer review, online only publication).

In spite of providing immediate free access, we are not losing revenue
from other sources specially print subscriptions. In fact, the print
subscription has increased over last 5 years and has become main source
of revenue for many of the smaller journals which have also started
profiting now.

DK Sahu
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