Strategic Suggestions for the Promoting OA

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Stevan Harnad said "I am ready to adopt a different angle as
soon as someone gives an idea of which".

Here are 10 ideas for different angles
    1. Retired colleagues
    2. School teachers
    3. Run a wiki
    4. Go for an EU research project on OA
    5. Graduate thesis
    6. Open days
    7. Journalism
    8. Trawl "What you can do to promote open access"
    9. Try to see things from the other's point of view
   10. Vow of silence
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1. Retired colleagues
    Retired colleagues still have their brains, and their
    internet connection, and even their connections with Vice
    Chancellors, but many no longer have ready access to
    the literature. Consider what you can do to recruit them to
    your cause:
    - simple list of available OA archives and OAsearch engines?
    - add list to information pack of pre-retirement courses?
    - article for newspaper of University of the Third Age?
    - article for The Oldie ?

2. School teachers
    School teachers and their (16-19 year old) pupils have
    difficulty in accessing research papers for their
    projects. Consider what you can do:
    - article in teachers' journals?
    - simple list of available OA archives and OA search engines?
    to recruit them to your cause.

3. Run a wiki
    Do a brain-dump onto a wiki. Get others to contribute.
    Aim to make the wiki an authoritative source on OA.
    Refer readers to the wiki, instead of repeating on the
    list, c.f. (site currently

    But n.b. that the page
    is _much_ too long to convert anybody.

    So is,
    but the links are good

4. Go for an EU research project on OA
    Lots of OA-ish subjects in

    Site is very difficult to navigate. For authoritative
    advice better to ask your University/Laboratory contracts

5. Graduate thesis
    Propose OA as topic for post-graduate theses for
    colleagues in management science.

    Suggestions for possible titles include -

    i. "Evangelism in search of a management structure - the
         case of OA"
   ii. "OA in retrospect - a ten year motivational analysis
        of what worked, and what didnt"
  iii. "OA and its alternatives - Asymmetries and Incentives"
   iv. "Zeno's paralysis and the operational differences
         between OA and OSS"
    v. "Innovation in a centuries-old market; the case of OA"
   vi. "Whats good for physicists (?and physicians?) fails
         elsewhere - the case of OA"

6. Open days
    Invite your Member of Parliament to visit. Prepare a
    poster lobbying for OA. Get poster translated into FR,
    DE, ES, ... Make poster available via the wiki.

7. Journalism
    Get someone to write a book. Perhaps you could persuade
    the authors of "La bataille du logiciel libre. Dix clés
    pour comprendre" ISBN 2-7071-4384-7. Voir
    "Journalistes et militants, (... les auteurs ...)
    étudient depuis longtemps l^Òimpact dans la société des
    technologies, en particulier celles de l^Òinformation."

8. Trawl "What you can do to promote open access"
    There are probably some ideas of a different angle in but its so long
    that I have never made it to the end. Perhaps someone could
    break it into hyperlinked bite-sized gobbets and put it
    on the wiki?
    Same comments apply

9. Try to see things from the other's point of view
    Consider applying to the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation or to the Keystone Centre for a meeting.
    "Involving those most affected by decisions sometimes
    transforming former adversaries into shared-goal

    See also Open Space
    "Open Space works best when the work to be done is
    complex, the people and ideas involved are diverse, the
    passion for resolution (and potential for conflict) are
    high, and the time to get it done was yesterday. I"
    and UnConference

10. Vow of silence
    Everyone take a vow of silence for 28 days and see what
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