Re: Why Cornell's Institutional Repository Is Near-Empty

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2007 16:53:01 +1100

I totally agree with the idea that a faculty champion is an excellent way to
go if you have no other leverage. Preferably prominent and persistent.
Several champions help too. It takes a while for the message to sink in.

In my own case (I am faculty) we have achieved a PhD thesis mandate, but the
research article mandate is not yet quite there, except in the case of my
own School. Some other Schools are also almost there. Heads of Schools are
more accessible administrators than Vice-Presidents or Provosts, and they
still remember what research is about.

Arthur Sale
University of Tasmania

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> Institutional Repository Is Near-Empty
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> Two suggestions:
> (1) A reminder that the "Patchwork Mandate" is a reasonable,
> incremental response for open access advocates at a sprawling
> institution like Cornell.
> See; see also
> (2) At least on American campuses, faculty are much more likely
> to support a mandate if they vote to impose it upon themselves
> rather than have it imposed by an administrator. Look for a
> faculty champion who would be willing to take on this cause.
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