Guidelines on research data access - the OECD and the EC

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Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 05:44:23 -0400

In issue #109 of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter, Peter Suber flags << May
1, 2007. The start of the public comment period for Janez Potocnik's green
paper on the European Research Area. (The paper includes a question about
EU-wide OA policy.)>>[1]

But the European Commission, like any good bureaucracy, should have decided
the answer long before it asked the question. For example, see the similar
exercise by the European Commission in 2003. Among its conclusions, the EC
wrote "The submissions analysed both broaden and deepen the main conclusions
of the outcome of FP6 consultation seminars and expert meetings held over
the last six months" (page 51 of [2], via [3]).

Or, in plain english, "We had already decided which way to go. Our analysis
of the submissions is - they agree with us".

So; have the Commission services already decided in favour of OA?

Yesterday's (2007_05_04) posting by the 'Community Research and Development
Information Service' could be a pointer. It reads "OECD publishes guidelines
on research data access ... the OECD document provides broad policy
recommendations to the governmental science policy and funding bodies of its
member countries on access to research data from public funding ... For more
information, please visit: [5]." [4].



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