Re: Craig et al.'s review of the OA citation advantage

From: Hamaker, Charles <cahamake_at_UNCC.EDU>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 15:51:30 -0400

An article not reviewed by Craig et. al. is Gregory K Youngen's
"Citation Patterns to traditional and electronic preprints in the
published literature" in College and Research Libraries Volume: 59
Issue: 5 (September 1998) Pages: 448-

It examines citations to e-prints provided by authors before the
official version of an article in the fields of physics and astronomy.
He says: "Citations to e-prints nearly doubled every year since their
introduction in 1992."

Early provision of e-prints led to their citation in fields where rapid
communication and timeliness were critical. The doubling rate for
e-print citations was 12 months.

That's what the first 5 years of this revolution looked like--where are
we now?

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