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    British Classification Society Meeting
    "Analysis Methodologies for Post-RAE Scientometrics", and AGM
    Friday 6 July 2007, International Building room IN244
    Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham

The selection of appropriate and/or best data analysis methodologies
are a result of a number of issues: the overriding goals of course,
but also the availability of well formatted, and ease of access to
such, data. The meeting will focus on the early stages of the analysis
pipeline. An aim of this meeting is to discuss data analysis
methodologies in the context of what can be considered as open,
objective and universal in a metrics context of scholarly and applied

    Les Carr and Tim Brody (Intelligence, Agents, Media group,
    Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton):
    "Open Access Scientometrics and the UK Research Assessment Exercise"

There will be a number of short presentations also, preceding the
discussion, including:

    Pedro Contreras, RHUL:
    "Indexing, storage, querying in a distributed document system"
    Mireille Summa, Paris-Dauphine:
    "Editing and clustering matrices of time series"
    Fionn Murtagh, RHUL:
    "The data selection, measurement and analysis chain: the role of
    correspondence analysis in measurement and scaling"
    Boris Mirkin, Birkbeck:
    "How the ACM classification can be used for profiling research
    organisations" (joint work with S. Nascimento and L. Moniz Pereira)

The AGM of the British Classification Society will follow directly.
The day's meeting will start at 10am, and finish at 4.30pm.

Registrations are necessary (there is no registration fee) to Janet
Hales at j.hales at

Further information from Fionn Murtagh at fionn at

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