Important OA Events in Brazil: July and August

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Subject: Important OA Events in Brazil: July and August

Dear colleagues,

These days we discuss Open Access (OA) a lot in Brazil. Here are some
important forthcoming OA-related events:

   1. July 8-10, In the context of the 59th Annual Meeting of the
   Brazilian Society for Scientific Progress, the Brazilian Institute
   of Information in Science and Technology and the National Association
   of Information Science Research and Post-graduation programme (ANCIB)
   have organized an open meeting called Publish or Perish: Open Access
   to Survive!

        Publicar ou Perecer: Acesso Livre e Sobreviver.
        Sociedade Brasiliera para o Progresa da Ciencia (SBPC)
        Belem, Brazil, 9 July 2007: 10h00 - 13h45
        Moderator: Marisa Brashe
        Panelists: Sely Costa, Helio Kuramoto, Stevan Harnad,
        Abel Packer, Imre Simon

   This Meeting is important because it brings together researchers
   from Brazil's scientific associations and societies as well as its
   universities and research institutions. The event will be held in
   Belem in the state of Para in the middle of Amazonia. We will have the
   opportunity to discuss Open Access to Knowledge with the Brazilian
   scientific community and to impress upon them the importance of
   practical actions they can take toward this end.

   2. At the beginning August we are also organzing a public
   hearing before the Science and Technology Commission of Brazil's
   National Congress. This hearing will be preceded by a vote on Law
   1120/2007. This Bill establishes the legal milestone for ensuring
   that the Green Road to OA prevails in Brazil.

   If it is approved, Bill 1120/2007 will become a law mandating
   that universities and research institutions must create their own
   Institutional Repositories (IRs). In addition, it will mandate that all
   researchers at these institutions must self-archive the results of all
   research funded from public resources in their IRs, otherwise they will
   become ineligible to receive funding for further research projects.

   3. Last week the Brazilian journal "Encontros Bibli" published a
   special number focusing on technologies and open access. This number was
   organized by me (Hélio Kuramoto) and Lígia Café and we had the
   opportunity to interview Stevan Harnad about Open Archives and Open
   Access. This journal and the interview are available at:

Whoever is able to attend the SBPC's 59th Annual Meeting, please consider
this an invitation to come and participate -- and also to enjoy the
nature and beauties of the Amazônia region.

I hope to see you there!

Hélio Kuramoto
Coordenador Geral de Pesquisa e Manutenção de Produtos Consolidados
SAS Quadra 05 Lote 06 Bloco H
70070-912 - Brasília, DF
61 3217-6002 ou 6350 ou 9202-8527
Se vc concorda com o acesso livre à informaçäo científica, entäo, por
gentileza, assine a petiçäo no endereço:
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