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From: Jean Kempf <Jean.Kempf_at_UNIV-LYON2.FR>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 13:40:36 +0200

Hello to the list,
Before everybody goes off to their summer
activities (and leave, I'm sure, their computers
behind), I'd like to query the list for a project
leading to an application for EU funding.
Five university presses (Amsterdam UP, Göttingen
UP, Museum Tusculanum P (copenhagen), Manchester
UP and Lyon UP) are putting together a project of
full OA publication (cum PoD as well) of
"monographic content" (as opposed to Serial
content) in the field of Social (and Human)
I write "monographic content" because obviously
it will be more than a mere transposition of the
monograph to a digital (OA) environment.
This is where the query comes in. I'm in charge
of synthesizing "user needs" which in turn will
lead to practical developments to fulfill those
needs. As scholalrly publishers, and often
scholars ourselves, we already have an idea of
what we'd like this "monographic content" to be
and to allow us to do. But I am asking each and
every one of you to tell me how s/he (in their
wildest dreams) imagines the forme and
services/capabilities of such content.
E-Gutenberg Project (as a non AO project) has
made moves in this direction, others as well, but
we are now working towards the next generation of
"OA scholarly content" and the communities of
scholars must define what they want (not the
other way round).

So if you have ideas, suggestions also of places
to look at/for, please answer me directly at


Jean Kempf
Professeur des Universités
Presses universitaires de Lyon
86, rue Pasteur
F-69365 Lyon Cedex 07
L'Université Lumière Lyon 2 est signataire de la 
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