Towards a European Infrastructure for e-Science Digital Repositories

From: N. Miradon <nmiradon_at_YAHOO.FR>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 06:05:30 -0400

The recently-launched project "Towards a European Infrastructure for
e-Science Digital Repositories" is studying digital repositories in Europe
[1]. It aims to produce draft policy recommendations for the European
Commission which will "drive the use of digital repositories and the
benefits generated from their use".

The partners in this project are - the Digital Archiving Consultancy Ltd
(UK) [2], GridwiseTech (Poland), the University of Glasgow (UK), Charles
Beagrie Limited (UK), Com^̉tou (France), and Imperial College (UK).

Now the project has an "online public consultation" (a questionnaire) on the
European Commission's YourVoice website [3].

It is possible to request a copy of the questionnaire results.

I guess that the Commission may use the questionaire results when it drafts
its next Call for Proposals for Funding.

The questionnaire deadline is 30 July 2007.

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