Re: Elsevier Still Solidly on the Side of the Angels on Open Access

From: Daniel Mohler <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 14:09:48 -0400

First I want to agree with a previous statement:

>> After all, many readers
>> use and cite arXiv as more convenient even
>> when the published papers are available,

This is surely true. In private correspondence my collegues provide me
more often with an arXiv citation than a journal citation.

> (1) Authors certainly do not *cite* Arxiv after the published version
> appears. They cite the published version, not the unpublished preprint.

This is not true. there are a considerable amount of publications on my
desk right now with double citations of published papers. There are
various good reasons for this. A simple cause might also be a double
entry in the bibtex and latex references in spires which are widely used
to avoid typos. With a double citation it is at the readers discretion
which version he/she will obtain.

For daily usage the whole question is purely academic, as newly
"published" papers are mostly obtained from the arxiv anyway - no matter
which version is cited. By the time the journal version is published,
its content has already been read, absorbed and if found suitable
expanded upon and cited.


Daniel Mohler
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