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From: Dirk Pieper <dirk.pieper_at_UNI-BIELEFELD.DE>
Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 16:32:08 +0100

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At the end of October 2007, BASE has indexed the 500th repository. At
present BASE includes 519 sources, which means an increase of some 80 %
compared to November 2006 (283 sources). For details please see

(the blue line represents the number of documents, the red bar graph
represents the number of repositories).

Since OpenDOAR lists some repositories without OAI-interface, we decided to
show that BASE can also crawl repositories.  At special request of Nature
Publishing, we crawled and indexed  two Nature repositories, which do not
yet provide an OAI interface: Nature Precedings and Nature´s Signaling

Primarily in international professional circles, the multilingual search
option in the BASE-Lab aroused great interest. Therefore we decided to
integrate the option into the BASE search forms. By using the
Eurovoc-Thesaurus  you can now broaden your search. If you choose "basic
terms only" a search term will be searched in up to 21 languages at the
same time (no matter which language you use), provided that the search
term is included in Eurovoc (for every language 6,500 basic terms are
included). If you choose "basic terms and used-for-terms" synonyms for
this search term will be searched additionally. All in all 239,000 terms
are included in Eurovoc.

About BASE:

BASE is the name of the multi-disciplinary search engine for scientifically
relevant web sources which was created and developed by Bielefeld
University Library. It is based on search technology provided by FAST
Search & Transfer ( a Norwegian company. At
present BASE includes some 7.2 million documents originating form 519  

For further information about BASE refer to:

BASE Search:

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