Best wishes from the Bear

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2007 11:58:33 +1100

Dear Boys and Girls


This is your Antipodean [Polar] Bear. I assist Father Christmas
though he is often infuriated at my mistakes and bumbling.


Do you know what happened to me last week? I went to a conference two
time zones and seven hours flying away, and I forgot to self-archive
my paper before I went. That's how stupid I really am. I realized
this as the plane took off and all the way I was petrified with
fright that I had not packed the memory stick, or that I would forget
it on the day when I was due to talk. All that risk in a single
package was difficult to be comfortable with.


Anyway, it all worked out ok. I had packed the memory stick, and the
conference organizers had my paper anyway by email. So it all worked
out. But I learnt an important lesson. Self-archive all your papers
as soon as they are finalized. Father Christmas gave me a real
telling-off, I can tell you.


Best wishes from the Antipodean Bear. Self-archive every one of your
papers on this Christmas Eve or at least before the New Year starts,
and you too can slumber contentedly through the last sleep of the
good children before Christmas.


Artos in Australia

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