Re: Open Access to Books?

From: Arthur Sale <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 15:01:40 +1100

Placing these books in electronic OA and offering affordable print on
demand for those who need it is a solution that would deserve being
examined, as it is already with the reprint on-demand of out-of-print
books in the public domain by some firms such as Lulu.

This is exactly the solution adopted and used by the Australian
National University ePress, for probably two years. They'd be happy
to share their experiences and expertise with anyone if asked. See for a description of

 By keeping the issue separate - monographs really import only in the humanities and some social sciences, but there, they are the dominant currency - there is no risk of placing the archiving, green road in jeopardy.


Books are also important for Economics, Business, Law and similar professions.


Arthur Sale
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