Re: Mandates, coercion and vegetables

From: Bernard Lang <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 14:20:28 +0100


fear and pride, carrots and sticks, and lots of variants ...

Well, that is certainly one way of looking at improving social behaviour.

There is another essential component : information and education.

People need to be tols in simple way why this policy is better, and
not in ideological terms.

I am sure you do that ... please also advertise it, along with acrrots
and sticks.

Why do I recat this way :

I am working, in an official capacity, on the issues of copyright
piracy ... and I constantly deal with people who know only sticks,
occasionally carrots, and are never interested in information and
education. Well, their view of it is to advertise their sticks.

And when they do pretend to explain, they use such outrageous lies
that no one really believes them ... so that it is all

By the way, they are also very careful to ignore open access and all
the people who speak in this list. It is quite natural since it would
debunk much of their premisses.

Information and education ... explaining why ... as simply as possible.

apologies for insisting on the obvious.


* Jean-Claude Guédon <> note le 28-01-08 :
> This is an excellent way to put it all. I fully concur.
> Reiterating on an institutional basis the strategies of the "Cream of
> science" is very good. In fact, more generally, strategies that work at
> one scale are bound to work also at a lower scale. In other words, what
> works nationally can work institutionally.
> Jean-Claude Guédon
> Le dimanche 27 janvier 2008 à 13:38 -0500, Bernard Rentier a écrit :
> > I like Les Carr's way to put it. Indeed coercion and mandates are very unpleasant words. Being a
> > university "rector" (as we say, let's say Chairman, President or Vice-Chancellor), I am very sensitive
> > to words that remind us of dictatorship. At a meeting on Institutional Repositories in Valencia two
> > months ago, after having explained that in my university (Liege, Belgium), posting in te repository
> > every paper produced was mandatory, I was very unpleasantly compared to Stalin by one of the
> > attending faculty. It makes you think.
> > Since then, I try to avoid such dictatorial vocabulary.
> >
> > Obligation, mandate, coercion mean implicitly that ought to be a punishment, a penalty, if one
> > does not comply. But there is a huge panel of possible penalties. If you want compliance, use
> > penalties that mean something to people without shocking them.
> >
> > Indeed, telling your researchers very simply that only the publications deposited in the official list
> > of their university, i.e. the institutional repository, will be taken into account for evaluation of their
> > CVs in the context of promotions, will do. It is simple and fair. And it hits the goal. To the benefit
> > of all: the author and the University.
> >
> > The second aspect is not fear, it is pride. Making some publicity about the papers published by the
> > members of the Institution can be music to the researchers' ears. And selecting the good, or best
> > papers of the week or of the month, or even better, the top ten or twenty or whatever most
> > quoted papers and mentioning them specially on the University website is a real delight for the
> > author(s). And there are many other incentives one can think of along the same line.
> >
> > I hate the expression "carrot and stick" but I am sure everybody understands here what I mean:
> > both are effective, the secret is to use some stick perhaps, if really necessary, but mostly carrots.
> > The university leaders who have difficulties to innovate in the carrot world are left with the sticks
> > and will have a hard time succeeding in imposing reform. It is a great chance that institutional
> > repositories provide so many opportunities to develop new carrots. Let's juste use some
> > imagination and let's propose a wide panel of incentives.

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