Validating and Calibrating Research Assessment Metrics

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> The research undertaken at Cranfield concerning the differences between
> the Research Assessment Exercise and the Research Excellence Framework,
> discussed in the Times Higher this week is available at:
> -RAE%20Scores-2008..pdf

This pilot study has some methodological weaknesses.

The remedy for the ostensible problems encountered in this study is for
the panel rankings in the parallel metric/panel RAE 2008 to be analysed
in a full-scale multiple regression study using as rich and diverse
as possible a spectrum of predictive metrics (not just citation
counts!), discipline by discipline. This will reveal which metrics are
most predictive of the panel rankings in each discipline, and it will
initialise their weights, which can then be calibrated, updated and
fine-tuned (as well as augmented with any new metrics) in subsequent
continuous assessment. With Open Access metrics on Open Access research,
this can be done efficiently, globally, and transparently.

Stevan Harnad

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