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Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 18:52:49 +0600

  hussein suleman writes

> this is a good question that i will try to answer, based on a fading memory ...
> in the 90s we had a few large subject repositories around the world (like
> arXiv) but they were mostly not (financially) sustainable as they were run by
> poor scholarly societies, there was a silo effect (with the owners of data
> trying to provide services as well) and the model simply did not replicate to
> all disciplines (we were stuck with a handful of poster child repositories) ...
> in some senses, this "crisis" in subject repositories led to the Santa Fe
> meeting of the OAI.

  Your memory is indeed fading.

  The Santa Fe meeting was informed by work of a group of authors:

Herbert Van de Sompel, Thomas Krichel, Michael L. Nelson, Patrick
Hochstenbach, Victor M. Lyapunov, Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Mohamed
Kholief, Xiaoming Liu, and Heath O'Connell, The UPS Prototype project:
exploring the obstacles in creating across e-print archive end-user
service, Old Dominion University Computer Science TR 2000-01, February

  This is the full version. There is a censored version of it that
  apeared in D-LIB magazine, but the above is the full version,
  I still have a copy at

  The project looked at building a user service uniting
  contents from the following archives: arXiv, CogPrints, NACA,

  Out of these NCSTRL is out of business, it was NSF funded, as
  soon as the funding stopped, it was dropped, bascially. Thus

  has a link to the full version, but it's a dead link to
  a server at Cornell where NCSTRL services lived. But
  all the others are still in business.

> but who is willing to invest a lot of money and many years on
> redoing an experiment that failed in many instances not too long
> ago?

  I would be interested in seeing a list of these "many instances".

  There is indeed a problem of grant-funded digital libraries
  failing when the grant expires. This continues to be a serious
  problem. But I don't think this was the impetus for the OAI


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