Re: Central versus institutional self-archiving

From: Stevan Harnad <>
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 21:14:55 +0000

On Sat, 8 Mar 2008, Andy Powell wrote:

> This topic may well have been discussed since 1999 - unfortunately much
> of that discussion (at least at a technical level) has not acknowledged
> that the Web has changed almost immeasurably between then and now.
> Web 2.0, social networks, Amazon S3, the cloud, microformats, Google
> sitemaps, REST, the Web Architecture, ... I could go on.
> The technical landscape is now so completely different to what it was
> when the OAI-PMH was first discussed that it makes no sense to apply a
> 1999 design approach to the space, which is effectively what we are doing.

The Web has alas progressed a lot more since 1990 than OA target content
on the Web has done.

And none of the changes in the Web are relevant to the issue of whether
the locus of direct deposit of OA content should be convergent --
in researchers' own IRs or divergent, in thematic CRs.

The bottom line is that OA content should be deposited directly where
we can ensure that all of it will indeed be speedily and systematically
deposited at long last -- and that locus is each authors' own university
IR, because universities (and research institutions) worldwide are the
providers of all that OA content, both funded and unfunded, across all
disciplines and themes -- the ones with the both interest and the means
to mandate, monitor and co-benefit from storing and showcasing their
own research output.

The rest -- including all Web 2.0 etc. benefits -- are all there for the
having at the harvester level. IRs are for direct deposit.

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