A single ownership model for publicly funded research in Europe?

From: N. Miradon <nmiradon_at_YAHOO.FR>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 12:36:31 -0400

A year ago (2007 April 04) the European Commission set out its views on
improving knowledge transfer between research organisations and businesses
[1] and it sent those views to the European Council et al [2]. It also
published a colourful pdf on the subject [3].

Today (2008 April 03) the Commission has "adopted Recommendations including
a Code of Practice on the management of Intellectual Property" [4].

The 2007 pdf said
... Various 'creative commons' approaches (open access, open publications,
open software~E) are increasingly endorsed by many universities. These
mechanisms can ensure a more effective dissemination of results (...)
(Section 2.2, page 10)

The 2007 pdf continues ([3])
... it may be appropriate to revisit in the near future the question of a
single European ownership model for publicly funded research. **

I think that this was Eurospeak for
... we are currently preparing a new EC document on publicly funded research.

If, dear reader, you are able to attend the Commission's Technical Briefing
next week in Bruxelles [4], it would be nice if you could go along, and
report back to this list.

You know what to ask.

N Miradon

** The same wording was used by Dr K. Torbjörn Ingemansson of the
Commissions Division for Health Research, at a presentation in Brussels last
September [5].

    http://www.icord.se/ppt/brussels/torbjorn_ingemansson.ppt ]
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