Re: Yes the Commission~Rs approach Could be improved

From: N. Miradon <nmiradon_at_YAHOO.FR>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 01:54:48 -0400

Professor Harnad advises that "... It should be a part of the fulfillment
condition on the recipient of all EC research funding -- both the funded
researchers and their institutions -- that all refereed research
publications resulting from the funding must be self-archived in the
fundee's institutional repository. They (or their metadata) can then be
harvested/collected/ imported/exported to the EC from the IRs ..."[1]

Diffidently, I would suggest that the advised "self-archiving in the
fundees' institutional repositories" should be implemented in the
Commission's _next_ Framework Programme of Research and Development (FP8).

This, because in the current Framework Programme (FP7) there is a general
requirement that "... an electronic copy of the published version or the
final manuscript accepted for publication shall also be provided to the
Commission ..." (para II.30.4 of Annex II - General Conditions, FP7 Grant

So the Commission already has its own institutional repository, containing
every single publication produced under FP7.

Tweaking that repository to make it harvestable is likely to be easier than
making even a minor rewrite of the Grant Agreement.

N Miradon


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