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Subject: reproducible research

Dear friends, colleagues, reproducible research enthusiasts,
We're happy to inform you about some of our recent work on
reproducible research. Our apologies if you receive this
message multiple times. 
You can read our take on this topic online at 

We have submitted a paper, containing the results of the review
study, as well as our personal experiences with reproducible
research, to IEEE Signal Processing Magazine. This paper, as
well as the full set of figures analyzing the review results is
available at

Next, we have developed, in collaboration with the EPrints
team, a setup that allows to easily put reproducible research
publications online, with all additional information to
reproduce the results. It is based on EPrints, one of the most
widely used tools for online publication repositories, and is
very easy to install. Next to the standard information about a
publication (authors, title, abstract, etc.), it allows to add
the code, data, or other material related to a paper. Moreover,
it gives the possibility for readers to leave comments and an
evaluation of the reproducibility. 
This setup is available online at
You can find an example of the server running at EPFL at
and for an example of what a page about a paper could look
like, take a look at

Finally, we wanted to create a possibility to exchange ideas
and opinions on reproducibility, examples of how to put it in
practice, etc. For this purpose, we created an
online discussion forum, where we invite you to share your
ideas and participate in the discussion! Our forum is available

We look forward to an inspiring discussion!

Best regards, 

Jelena Kovacevic
Patrick Vandewalle
Martin Vetterli
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
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