Copyright in the Knowledge Economy

From: N. Miradon <nmiradon_at_YAHOO.FR>
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 07:40:48 -0400

The European Commission has just [1] published a Green Paper "Copyright in
the Knowledge Economy" [2].

The Green Paper begins
"The purpose of the Green Paper is to foster a debate on how knowledge for
research, science and education can best be disseminated in the online
environment. ... ".

Question 19 in the Green Paper reads
"Should the scientific and research community enter into licensing schemes
with publishers in order to increase access to works for teaching or
research purposes? Are there examples of successful licensing schemes
enabling online use of works for teaching or research purposes?"

The Green Paper concludes (page 22 of 22)
"Answers and comments, which may cover all or only a limited number of the
above issues, should reach the following address by 30 November 2008.
"If stakeholders wish to submit confidential responses, they should indicate
clearly which part of their submission is confidential and should not be
published on the Commission's website. All other submissions, not clearly
marked as confidential, may be published by the Commission.

N Miradon

[1] When you see an EC Green Paper, you know that an EC Regulation (or
Directive) will not be far behind.
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