Re: How can I convince administrators of the value of an IR?

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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 09:59:54 +0200

Your project to set up your own small repository is a good one.
Please, see the story of my "lab repository", set up in 2001. It
was reported in a  previous message on this list .
It was seven years ago and at that time the idea of open archives was
very difficult to be understood. Today, it is more and more obvious.
Set up a repository for your lab : a concrete example is necessary.
Explain what is at stake, using Stevan's  ,
Alma Swan's
and Arthur Sales' arguments,_AHJ.html
and I am sure that you will succeed to convince your administrators
to follow you and launch a campus project.
Good luck.


 Hélène Bosc
Euroscience Member
Convenor of the workgroup on scientific publishing


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Subject: How can I convince administrators of the value of an

Now with the state of Arizona in a financial crisis and budgets
being cut across the campus, things do not look promising for
new initiatives. My immediate plan is to try to set up a small
repository for my own unit (with help from the Library) and
hope the campus comes on board later. But it would help to have
some succinct arguments and evidence, presented in a form that
administrators will understand. Any suggestions?

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