Re: new faculty and IR publications

From: Stevan Harnad <amsciforum_at_GMAIL.COM>
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 07:45:11 -0400

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On 26-Aug-08, at 4:08 AM, Richard Rankin wrote:

      If we adopt that all publications for all researchers are
      held in the IR do we need to include a field that
      identifies the work as having been produced while at our
      institution ? this would help answer questions on
      research output by our institution during a specific

(1) The postprint itself contains the author's affiliation, as
published, at the time of publication. 

(2) It would not be a bad idea for an institution to add a metadata
field, for deposited postprints: "institutional affiliation at time
of publication."

(3) But unless your institution has a deposit mandate, please be
aware of the trade-off: 

(4) Only about 15% of published research output is being
spontaneously self-archived today. 

(5) Hence what is most urgently missing from IRs is not the metadata
for the author's affiliation at the time a postprint was published,
but the postprint deposit itself.

(6) And the main obstacle to deposit for the past fifteen years has
been keystrokes: Only 15% of authors do those keystrokes of their own

(7) So what is urgently needed to day is not more metadata field
keystrokes for institutional deposits, but more institutional deposit

(8) Otherwise you will have a well-tagged but near-empty IR.

(9) Amen

Best wishes,
Your faithful but weary and fast-wizening archivangelist



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Subject: Re: new faculty and IR publications
Another personal opinion: 

(1) Deposit all refereed journal postprints,
of all institutional researchers, in the IR.

(2) If the publisher is Green on some OA repository or other
(regardless of whether institutional or central), consider it
Green, simpliciter, and set access in the IR as OA immediately
upon acceptance for publication.

(3) If the publisher is not Green, deposit in the IR
immediately on acceptance just the same, and set access as
Closed Access if you wish.

(4) Make sure the IR has the semi-automatic "email eprint
request" Button (to provide access during any Closed Access
embargo period).

Chrs, Stevan

On 08-08-25, at 11:21, Ian Stuart wrote:
Piegza, Amanda M. wrote:
I absolutely agree that we should put metadata up for the new
faculty. I
guess I was just unsure about allowing versions of the full
text going
up. So, for example, Elsevier says we can put up a postprint,
but is
that only if the researcher did the work at our university??
I'd have to query the RoMEO database to answer that.

Again, my personal opinion: if the text says "Deposit in a
Subject or Institutional Repository", then multiple deposits
are fair game. If, on the other hand, the text says "Deposit in
a single Subject or Institutional Repository" you need to
decide which one (and this will be a problem for the likes of
Physics, where pretty much everything seems to go into aXive :)


Ian Stuart.
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The University of Edinburgh.

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