Open Access and Research Conference 2008: Brisbane 24-25 September

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Open Access and Research Conference 2008


      "The way we create and disseminate knowledge has
      undergone profound change over the last ten years...

      "...we have seen a worldwide move towards establishing
      frameworks in which we can optimise access to and reuse
      of research especially that which is publicly funded... 

      "This has been supported by the development of open
      access repositories, new publishing tools and models and
      more strategic management of copyright at the individual
      and institutional level.

      "QUT along with many other institutions throughout the
      world has been a pioneer in putting in place the
      management practices and necessary infrastructure to
      promote access and innovation. 

      "We are proud to announce what we believe will be a truly
      landmark conference that will draw on experts from
      Australia and around the world speak on a range of topics
      such as evolving publishing models, repository
      management, e-Research, policy development, and legal and
      technical issues."

      In addition to our line up of prominent Australian
      speakers, International Keynote Speakers include:

      John Wilbanks, Executive Director of Science Commons

      Dr Alma Swan, Founder of Key Perspectives: Consultants to
      the scholarly information industry

      Dr Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President of the External
      Research Division of Microsoft Research

      Professor Stevan Harnad, UQAM & School of Electronics and
      Computer Science, University of Southampton

      Maarten Wilbers, Deputy Legal Counsel, European
      Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
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