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Subject: EPrints Briefing Meeting before SPARC Digital Repositories
2008 in Baltimore
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On the eve of SPARC Digital Repositories 2008 there will be a
briefing meeting to bring delegates up to date with the open source
EPrints repository software platform, its current capabilities and
its future development agenda.  Topics to be covered include the
latest support for repository management, metadata configuration,
quality assurance and user-oriented services like building author
bibliographies and citation tracking. A LiveCD will be distributed to
enable delegates to try out EPrints.

EPrints Briefing Meeting===================
Homeland Room, Renaissance Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland,
6pm Sunday 16th November 2008, (preceeding SPARC Digital Repositories
Beginning with a buffet and drinks
To register, please email info_at_eprints.org

* Capabilities of the latest  EPrints release (v 3.1)
* Future Agenda (EPrints v3.2 and beyond)
* EPrints Open Source Community
* Demonstration
* Questions and Answers

Useful Links
EPrints : www.eprints.org
Latest EPrints News: http://eprintsnews.blogspot.com/
Pre-SPARC DR EPrints Briefing Meeting:
SPARC DR 2008: www.arl.org/sparc/meetings/ir08/

Note: the EPrints Briefing is co-located with the SPARC Digital
Repositories meeting schedule, but is not part of its official
Les Carr
EPrints Repository Development Team
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