Re: Plan B for NIH Public Access Mandate: A Deposit Mandate

From: Klaus Graf <klausgraf_at_GOOGLEMAIL.COM>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 00:15:32 +0200

2008/9/15, Stevan Harnad <>:
> Klaus Graf wrote:

> > On September 7 I received 6 confirmation mails from the Zurich
> > repository ZORA which has a similar button for a part of the non-OA
> > items. On September 8 I received one PDF - seven days later I can say
> > that 5 of 6 authors didn't fulfill the request. If you cannot bring
> > harder facts this seems me enough empirical proof that the button
> > doesn't work.
> I cannot speak for Zurich, which seems to be a particular focus for Klaus
> Graf's scrutiny for some reason.

Zurich is the only university in a German speaking country with a OA
"mandate". I have checked the ZORA contents several times to find out
the efficiency of that mandate and found several mail buttons I tried.
Feel free to give me links to U Minho eprints with button (I didn't
find some after a quick browsing there).

He neglects to mention that he also clicked
> the Button for one of my own papers in UQAM's Archipel, and was
> automatically
> emailed a copy within a few moments:

I have clicked on this button AFTER I wrote my message to this forum
thus I could'nt mention it. And you can believe it or not:


(I have also checked my spam mail ...)

I believe Professor Harnad has allowed emailing it, but may be there
is a delay from UQAM (some years?) or simply the button doesn't work
(maybe nobody knows him).

As I have shown in German at

the "immediate deposit/optional open access" strategy (Suber) isn't
possible in Germany. It is not allowed by German Copyright law to
deposit the papers and to put a request button in the repository. Only
if the publisher (having exclusive rights) accepts an author
contractual addendum containing such a permission it is possible. (If
the publisher doesn't have exclusive rights the button is needless
because immediate OA is possible.)

Klaus Graf
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