Re: Author's final draft and citing

From: Jean Kempf <Jean.Kempf_at_UNIV-LYON2.FR>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 20:55:30 +0200

I must say that this discussion is totally surrealistic for someone
in human and social sciences where what is important is the final
version (and pre-print dont exist as they dont make sense).

      "then you access the OA version deposited in the OA

      Repository, but you always cite the published work "

Most authors neither have the time nor the secretaries or graduate
assistant (welcome to the real world) to chase 1000s of citations
they have great trouble gathering and keeping accurate in the first
place (I'm thinking of books as well)

It is also like retyping your papers with every computer change, viz

      The solution is simple: If the corrections were not
      incorporated in

      the author's last draft, scrape them from the PDF proofs
      and convert

      them back to text in the postprint.

      This is all just obvious scholarly practice in the online

"obvious"??? "online era" ??? I cannot believe a Steven Harnad could
write such statement. . .  (it sounds like making your computer work
with a candle)

The solution to that HUGE HUGE headache created by GREEN OA ?

GOLD AO pure and simple.

Jean Kempf,
Presses universitaires de Lyon
Lyon France
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