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Moderator's Note: The following posting, which was sent for posting to
the moderator's gmail address instead of to the American Scientist
Open Access Forum, is being re-posted to the list as requested. Please
note, however, that this posting is on no account appearing because of
the "lawyers' advice" alluded to below. What is posted on the American
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Stevan Harnad

On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 7:48 PM, Scientific Journals International
<> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Harnard,
> Our lawyers have advised that we submit the following information for
> posting to your forum. I hope you would agree that there will be no legal,
> moral or ethical justification for censoring these simple facts.
> Thank you.
> Dr. A. Niaz
> ____________________
> It appears that there have been some misunderstanding and misperception
> about the peer review process of SJI. We hope the following information
> will help.
> 1. Reviewers' (3,000-plus) contact info is now posted on our Web site.
> Anyone can contact them to verify the nature of our peer-review process
> (
> 2. One can read the comments of many of our reviewers and editors about the
> peer-review process of SJI at
> 3. Anyone can come to our office to see thousands of emails that provide
> evidence of peer reviews we have conducted since the launch of SJI.
> 4. If anyone has doubts about whether or not SJI or any other open-access
> journal uses a peer-review system, he or she can easily verify this by
> submitting a paper to see if it goes through a peer-review process.
> 5. One can also become a reviewer for an open-access journal to see if he or
> she is asked to review any manuscripts.
> ___________________
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